Alderwood RV Resort & Storage

Mead, WA 109 Spaces & 117 Units

Case Study

Alderwood RV Resort

Mead, WA

109 Spaces & 117 Units

Alderwood RV Resort benefited greatly from its ideal location both in regards to the immediate area and also to the larger regional RV Resort Market place. The obstacles to achieving the competitive market value included a long-term rate lock loan at over 250 basis points above the current rate, deferred maintenance and the recent publicity from a large, soon to be opened competing RV Resort less than two miles away. This offering was previously marketed unsuccessfully by a national franchise commercial real estate office prior to the successful marking effort and sale by Caster Investment Group MHRV Advisors.

CIG quantified and lessened the impact of the existing above market rate financing by negotiating a second position acquisition loan at market rate terms. The potential impact from the new competitor was determined to be within the already existing market demand parameters from an extensive regional market demand and supply analysis. 

RV Resorts vary widely in the level and condition of amenities and improvements. Caster Investment Group MHRV Advisors procured custom aerial and ground level pictures and videos of the amenities to showcase the valuable strengths of this resort. The combination of these efforts and more led to the procurement of multiple qualified offers and to the successful closing of this transaction.